In Danger Of Losing Your Home?

There are new rules that are designed to protect home owners from forclosure.
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Know your rights as a homeowner.

When most people buy a new home, the last thing they ever expect to contend with is foreclosure. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond your control can put you on the road to losing your home. But even if the situation seems dire, there are ways to avoid foreclosure. To keep from losing your home to foreclosure, you need to know your rights as a homeowner. Banks and other lenders are bound by certain laws and regulations, and must follow certain procedures before they can legally foreclosure on your home. With the help of one of our expert attornies at Mellen Law Firm, you may be able to solve your money crunch and keep your home.
Yes it is that easy.

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Mellen Law Firm defends the rights of good people who want to avoid foreclosure, stay in their home, or find a reasonable alternative to foreclosure. We stand up against greedy lenders who are largely to blame for the economic crash from which we are still trying to recover. We take pride in defending the rights of homeowners who want to and rightfully deserve to keep their home.


What we stand for

Mellen Law Firm was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a fair chance regardless of income, background, or situation. This is why we have taken a keen interest in fighting for the rights of homeowners, who have fallen into foreclosure. Good people in large masses have fallen victim to the financial corruption that is still prevalent today. Foreclosure defense is a relatively new area of law, brought into focus during the housing bubble-burst around 2006. Consequently many other law firms saw a potential to add foreclosure defense to their repertoire of provided services, without taking the time to properly form defense practices that are specific to foreclosure cases. Foreclosure defense is a field of its own, real estate lawyers and bankruptcy lawyers will not know the best arguments. At Mellen Law Firm we made foreclosure defense our sole focus, which allowed us to refine our skills in this new area of law. Using our skills as litigation attorneys as the foundation of our practice has allowed us to become highly successful in negotiating the best possible outcome for our clients. Ultimately, our combined experience and relentless nature of wanting what is best for the hardworking individuals we represent, motivates us to win.

Our foreclosure defense track record serves as evidence that our passion, highly specialized skill and talent all come together to ensure that we achieve each of our client’s objectives. Every situation is different and we give each case the individual attention it needs, and the dedication each client deserves. Some clients come to the consultation seeking guidance, others want to keep their home, and some clients just want to move past the foreclosure. We’re here to make sure that they not only get what they want, but that each negotiation term we agree to is the best one possible, and if the bank isn’t willing to cooperate then we will sue them!