Mellen Law Firm is an advocacy of identifying and defending the victims of complex foreclosure fraud schemes often perpetrated by the banks. 

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I went to Mellen Law Firm after being mishandled by two prior attorneys. I had complex issues as my home had already been foreclosed and the bank was trying to kick my family out. Mellen Law Firm immediately put me at ease and took over. They filed lawsuits against my lender and within 3 months they got me a phenomenal result! Before my mortgage payment was $5600.00. My payment is now $2000.00 and I am still suing the lender for money damages! I highly recommend this law firm for any homeowner experiencing financial difficulties. Thank you Mellen Law Firm for keeping us in our home and restoring our dream.    W.A. Smith
Mellen Law Firm has been honest with me since the beginning. While they did not try to over-sell their services or over-promise results, they did promise one thing, that they would do everything they could to help me in my time of need. I am a senior citizen and was facing foreclosure because I couldn't afford the negative amortization loan I was tricked into. It was very stressful, as I didn't know what to do or where I would have to go if I lost my home. So I placed my faith in Mellen Law Firm and left the rest up to God. The process was tough on me . . . honestly I cried about it. Sometimes, one plan didn't work, but Mellen Law Firm always had another plan in place. After several months of tribulation, Mellen Law Firm saved the day when they told me that I would be able to stay in my home forever. The bank reduced my loan by $42,456 and dropped the rate to 3.115%. My new total payment with taxes and insurance is $987. Without Mellen Law Firm, my payment would have been over $2300 and I would have lost my home. Muchisima Gracias Mellen Law Firm.    Pauline T.
In 2005, I was the victim of a bait and switch tactic by my lender. Although my lender promised to refinance or modify the loan, really it was just a string of lies. Instead, they just tried to foreclose on me. Having nowhere else to go, I hired Mellen Law Firm at a price that I could afford. Matt Mellen at Mellen Law Firm was great. He took over and started negotiating with my bank. When the bank again refused to work with us, Mellen Law Firm filed a lawsuit against them. Within 8 months, Mellen Law Firm forced the bank into a settlement. My lender reduced the principal balance of my loan by $61,832.55 and dropped my interest rate from 8.95% to 3.99%. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Matt Mellen for all your hard work. You never gave up on me.Gerald E.    

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